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Fast Cash for your House,Townhouse, Condo, or Apartment Building!

My name is Aaron Mazzrillo and I'm a landlord and property buyer here in Southern California. I’ve been buying and selling condos, townhouses, houses and small apartment buildings since 2002, and I’m always looking for a few more properties.

You might be thinking, “Why doesn't he call an agent?!” Great question and simple answer; why let them take all your equity as commission when all they do is stick a sign in the front lawn, have an assistant put it into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and pray some other agent with a buyer comes along and writes up an offer?! I found you and didn't need an agent to do that. You want to sell. I want to buy. Let's skip the middleman!

I know all about agents. I've working with lots of them over the years. They love to make selling a house way more complicated than it needs to be.

I prefer to only buy real estate directly from property owners just like you. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and one thing I’ve learned from buying dozens of houses is that we don’t need all that paperwork. I make selling your unwanted house just as easy as selling your beloved used car! I understand that sometimes it's an emotional decision, but once you decide, I can make it happen quickly.

A lot of people call and ask me “How does this work?” Well, let me explain it in 7 simple steps;

1.     When you call, I will need a few minutes of your time to ask you some basic questions about the property such as condition, occupied or not, etc.

2.     I’ll check the MLS and see what similar houses are selling for.

3.     I then mail or email you a written offer.

4.     When we come to an agreement, I’ll have escrow send escrow documents right to your home or work address.

5.     All you have to do is sign where the sticky arrows say to sign and get the deed notarized (about $10 at any local UPS store.)

6.     Next, put everything back in the envelope and mail the docs back to escrow.

7.     Lastly, I’ll wire my funds (your money!) into escrow and they will send you a check or wire the cash right into your account. Up to you.

It really is that easy. And, if you don’t even want to or can't leave your house, I can arrange for a mobile Notary to come to you. That way, you can sell your unwanted property without ever leaving your home!

If you received a letter from me, it's because I scour public records and collect the addresses of properties that are similar to the type of property I like to buy. I typically don't buy vacant land or mobile homes in parks. I will consider a mobile home on its own private lot, but not in a park setting.

By now you might be wondering, other than being the easiest way to sell a property, what else can I do for you?
- As I mentioned, I don’t use real estate agents so there’s no listing contract or 6 month wait for you to get paid.
- I buy As-Is. I’ve purchased everything from incredible to incredibly bad! You don't need to spend a penny fixing or even cleaning your property.
- If there are tenants living there, I will buy it with them in place. You don’t even have to tell them you sold it if you don’t want to. Again, up to you.

What do I do with the properties? I'm always looking for new rental properties. If the property needs a lot of work, sometimes I fix them up and sell them. If the house is really nice I may just move into it. My wife and I have been looking for our dream home for a while now.

Now the bad news… I promise to make you an offer if you call, but I can’t possibly buy every house so the first to respond get priority. Even though we do a lot of marketing, I typically only buy two or three houses a month, sometimes less. If you’re tossing around the idea of selling, even a tiny little bit,
call me right now at 1-888-332-5657. There’s absolutely no obligation. You owe it to yourself to see what I can offer.



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