I want to buy your condo, house, or apartment building.

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Your Privacy Is My Greatest Concern.

My Personal Guarantee to You

1. All information you provide and/or we discuss is held in the strictest confidence. I will never share or sell your information with anyone outside of my office. All documents are stored in a locking file cabinet and any documents that are disposed of are always shredded. Your privacy is my greatest concern.

2. I will not discuss the sale of your property with the tenants or neighbors under any circumstances, unless you agree beforehand. I will never disclose the selling price with anyone outside of this office and we always ask the County Recorder to conceal the transfer tax so the sales price is not made public.

3. If you choose to do business with me, you will not come out of pocket for any expense whatsoever. There is no obligation for you to discuss your situation with me. My services are ALWAYS 100% FREE.

5. I will never use hard sell tactics on you. I am here to talk with you and help discover a mutually beneficial transaction. If I write you an offer, it is up to you to decide to accept it or not. If we don't come to an agreement, we part as friends.

6. I am not here to judge you and the decisions you have made regarding your property. My purpose is to help you in the sale of your property. I have helped sellers in numerous situations. I've purchased many properties that have been rented to non-paying relatives, other bad tenants, properties that were in severely neglected condition, had many cats, and absolutely full of collected stuff.  I promise not to embarrass you or insult you or the property. I want you to feel comfortable discussing your situation with me regardless of the circumstances. I'm happy that you are trusting me to discuss your situation, and I am here to help and create a positive experience for you.


Aaron Mazzrillo