Thanks Aaron for your assistance in selling my San Brdo property. Due to your involvement and experience in real estate the sale went very smoothly and it concluded in very short order.

Best wishes,

Marvin Lasky

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Advanced Home Sales

Dear Aaron

I just want you to know how grateful I am for being able to do business with you.

Thank you for being a man of integrity and for making the sale of my property so plain, simple and easy. I will be more than happy to recommend your service to my family and friends. Keep up the good work. I truly wish you the best of luck.


Connie Parise

To Aaron & Your Staff

We do want to thank you for the swift transaction & your courteous ways of handling of escrow etc.

You saved us a lot of work & time, not to mention stress that

usually go along with selling a house. Pat @ escrow was kind and please let her know she has to work hard to handle these deals as quickly as it was.

Thanks again,

Kerry & Linda Totten


Thanks for purchasing my house for a fair price in a very down market.


Tony B.

Aaron -

I have appreciated your tenaciousness in dealing with the sale of the condo.

Without your knowledge, effort, and stick-to-itness this long process would have never been completed.

I thank you for your tire, effort, and perseverance in this matter.


Dale Johnson

Aaron & Staff -

You guys are awesome! You made what was a very difficult decision for me a positive experience. Everything was done professionally and efficiently in every aspect - given that the entire process was done via e-mail, phone and fax (escrow)! Wish I could meet all of you!

Thanks you!


Can I help you too?


It was a pleasure working with Aaron to sell my property in Riverside, CA. He discussed various options with my husband and me, explained the process, was responsive to questions, and his follow through was dependable!

Cathy Siglow

Roger inherited his Grandmother's house and it was full of year's of her collected stuff. He was thinking of doing yard sales and all the work involved, but he really just wanted it all to be finished. I told him to take out what he wants - the stuff that is important to him and had sentimental value and anything else that he thought he might want to give away or sell, then leave everything else and we'll deal with it. If you sell to me, you don't even have to take out the trash or clean.

We gave Roger a fair offer and closed quickly so he could get back to focusing on his life. As always, we bought the property in its As-Is condition.

I won't put you through the hassles of traditional selling methods.

I've helped these sellers and many others.

Whatever your reason, if you have any interest in selling any other local property you own, quickly and easily, I’ll make you a fair offer to buy your property in its present “As-Is” condition. I won’t put you through the hassles of traditional selling methods. It doesn’t matter the condition whether it is turnkey or needs major work. I’ll even buy your property with your tenants in place whether they are paying rent or not. I’m a cash buyer and ready to close when you are. Let me unlock your equity in 10 days or less and turn it into hard cash so you can do something fun with it. 

There’s no easier way to sell. I can offer you the same net cash you’d receive if you sold through an agent, to a first time home buyer, in top condition. There’s no cost or obligation to find out what I can offer you. I can pay all cash or offer you monthly payments if you prefer.

Again, there’s
no cost or obligation, so why not see what I can offer? Let me help you with this sometimes difficult decision. Pick up the phone right now and give me a quick call at (888) 332-5657 or fill out the form at the top of this page.

Thank you

Harvey Adams

We both got what we wanted, so thank you again.


Hello Aaron,

I'm sorry it took me so long to write this. Lots of changes for the better have come about in my life since the sale of my property. It was so easy thanks to you and your team. It was such a a pleasure to work with someone who keeps their word. As unbelievable as it sounds to people, you did everything as promised and in a very short time. No hassles, no stress. You took care of everything. Received monies quickly.

So, I just wanted to say Thank You,


Lisa  owned a rental property in Rancho Cucamonga, but a few years ago moved to Newport Beach, over an hour drive away. She got tired of the long round trip commute and decided to sell. We purchased a property from a friend of hers so she contact us and we also came to an agreement. It was important for her that her tenants be able to stay in the house which worked just fine for us.

Lisa got a fair offer and now she can look for a new investment property closer to her home.

Aaron -

We wish you all the best

with 3315 Del Rey Dr., S.B., CA 92404.

We took the keys in Feb of 1979

and have had many good years

with the place


Gary & Linda Buckley

I look forward to speaking with you.


Received via email on 12 December 2016

Yes, Thank you so much for a smooth transaction.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Best wishes on the properties and happy holidays. Aaron, before I forget, could you forward me the contact information for the person who can help me collect on the judgement that my parents won on a tenant.  

Thank you again, Pamela


We want to thank you for making it so Easy and painless to sell our rental property to you. You are a man of your word. Everything you told me you would do, you did it. Also, the ladies at Rancho Hills Escrow are so nice and helpful.

Maria & Rudolph Moreno

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Carl had been a landlord for many years. As he moved towards retirement, he wanted to simplify his life and decided he no longer wanted to be involved in managing tenants and property. Carl received one of my letters and gave me a call. We came to an agreement that worked for both of us and we closed on his house and cashed him out within 10 days.

Carl got a fair offer and now can focus his time and energy on things that are more important to him. As always, we bought the property in its As-Is condition.

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